Cardano meetup Oslo!

1 - Are there any Norwegians in here? I would like to initiate a first meeting to put together an official meetup group in Oslo!

2 - do you have any suggestions as to where else to post this?


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  1. Welcome!

  2. You shouldn’t have to.

Hi. I am norwegian :slight_smile:

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Norway as well :norway:

Thank you for your interest in holding Cardano meetup in Oslo! You can find the guidelines that will help you how to start your meetup in you area here: Cardano Community Meetup Guidelines

Please let us know when you have your group setup! :slight_smile:

Yeji Kim! Thank you for the information. I have read the Meetup Guidelines, and will make sure to let you know when we have a group setup.

I would really like to attend a Cardano Meetup in Oslo - but because that doesn’t exist yet, I’d like to see if we are enough people to start such a group together.

Eystein and Roar / and anyone else keen to join - please feel free to send me an email on (just an email created for the purpose of putting together a group), so we can discuss the process further.


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Did you guys ever get off the ground?
Norwegian living in Chicago