Cardano (ADA) MeetUp in Barcelona / need your help!

A group of early ada adopters want to create a fan club and would love to hear your feedback… = -

If you are from Europe or Spain (Barcelona) please join our telegram group so we can stay in touch. There will be a… preliminary meetup to put all the details in order for the September Meet up Party.
Mr. Alfred Moesker, the owner of Ginerba Hotel (first business to accept Ada), promised to help us scout a location for the event - we will meet with him in April. I hope we have at least 1000 ada holders at the meet up!

I’m editing this because -what I wrote was really stupid.

Sorry about that.

We are not really into politics… we chose Barcelona - cos its the first city to have a Business accepting Ada - Lets not mix politics with this please (its not fun -imo)

Hi @Adafans_io

Sorry, I don’t remember writing that… It was late and I was drunk.

My apologies.

:nerd_face: So - will you come to the meet up? :sunglasses: :roll_eyes:

hi guys,

I live in bcn. Ready to offer a hand.

In April? I have to talk to my wife about it. Now we have a baby and everything is kind of complicated, man. But I’ll try.
Thanks for your effort. :yum: