Starting a Movement

I’m sure that everyone thinking about starting a Cardano Meetup group sees what we’re dealing with. We’re dealing with a project that is on the brink of changing the world. At a fundamental level, I feel there is a shift in consciousness occurring within our species. Things are changing, and with change comes conflict. So in a certain sense, even though we are on the side of Truth, equality, unity, that doesn’t mean we’re complacent or that we can’t fight in our own way.

So how do we get the message out there? What is the most effective way to spread the word (that there’s a new system evolved from the old ones)?

I believe that an organised, coordinated movement is far more effective than a bunch of individuals doing their own thing. The world is on the brink of massive changes and I feel that we should band together like an army of light.

So here’s what I’ve started:

Here is the writeup about the group:

What we’re about

"There’s a shift in consciousness occurring. You can see it all around. Things are changing. Power, wealth and control are evolving away from institutions and toward individuals.

The old systems of economics and government, which have become diseased by the human ego, are being replaced by a new system. The new system is built upon Truth, Transparency, and the immutable laws of mathematics.

It’s time to slough off the old paradigms. It’s time to say “no more” to deception and lies.

Join the Evolution.

Oh, and there’s a good chance we’ll all get rich too, but that’s not the point. :)"

So you can get the approach I’m taking. If we are trying to get the message out to the general public - people who know very little about blockchain tech, we need to start off very generically and then pitch ADA within the wider scope. I feel that if we all follow the same “playbook”, our efforts will be far more effective.

For me, the phrase “Join the Evolution” is a powerful one. It points out directly that Cardano is the next step in… you name it (the internet, economics, consciousness, etc.) while at the same time inferring a Revolution, inviting people to JOIN. If we organised it so that “The Evolution” meetups coincided with a specifically designed advertising campaign (and/or an underground, more subversive, hard core movement) we could honestly start a major social trend.

At the very least we should look into Copy writing or Trademarking the phrase “Join the Evolution.” I have obtained a patent before, but I don’t know about protecting an advertising slogan, or even if there is such a thing.

Input please.


Lets change the name from Cardano to Evolution. Ada to Evo.

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Lovelace to Lution

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