Building Welcoming Communities


next step?
are you suggesting we should follow this guideline and start the establishment of communities, possibly in areas we live?
what guidance will be provided for someone who wants to be involved, does not want to get in the github developer community but rather the business development/application early adopter community,
the guidelines are great, but how do we welcome the other side of the world who often is left out of the room when crypto devs get together?
can I challenge this here? or am I just to try and figure this synergy myself?
thanks! anyone who wants to contribute…

IOHK will lead an open source initiative. There will be an education initiative soon. There are community meetups starting up in many countries. I posted this here for anyone who wants some ideas on how to help.


In addition to real world meet up communities, I think there needs to be a serious focus on nurturing online communities. I don’t believe we should be focused on the existing centralised social networks. Cardano needs to create its own that will beautifully tie into its staking system. I would love to contribute to the conversation regarding what that would look like.

We need a system for generating ever more specific multi levelled sub communities online as I believe that smaller, more homogeneous and defined groups will be more engaged. Groups can be defined based on internet surfing habits, personality, philosophy, culture, location, tastes and preferences.

We also need an online system for individuals and these smaller groups to create and put forth ballots so that everyone feels empowered to start their own initiatives and projects.

How can posts like this one I am writing become more than just a voice in the wilderness?

I would love the community to really figure out a way to create an even more active Cardano ecosystem where everyone who is a member is directly involved in changing the world.

Let us do this.


@KungFuCrypto Hello! Love your thoughts here and could not agree more…

Would be great to have a chat about any ideas you have… please feel free to DM me.

Look forward to hearing from you,


Hi Jon,

Thanks for your reply.

I have a basic outline of ideas for such an ambitious project but I feel the full conception will emerge through dialogue and experimentation

I think the Cardano community needs to discuss the following questions.

  1. What democratic method ought to be used to put funding proposals up for voting?

  2. How can Cardano create a decentralised and easy balloting system that ensures reasonable ballots have higher precedence and priority over absurd ballots?

I currently believe the ultimate social media platform would possess the following.

  1. Artistic representations of an individual’s online data self.

  2. Graphical representation of the relationships between data selves on the network

  3. An interface that allows people to recognise the ‘natural groups’ that emerge and experience those relationships.

  4. Make it easy to tune in to the person/people who are most similar to you.

  5. On a scale of difficulty, it should be most simple to hear and be heard by a people most like-minded to you.

  6. Ease of discussing online viewing experiences held in common with like minds.

  7. Make it easy for similar people to connect so ‘official groups’ can spring up, organise and make funding proposals.

  8. Live artistic representations of our communications so we can see the spreading of ideas across the different group types.

Rather than siloed groups, I predict we would get ideas spreading more easily.

It would make it easier for ideas such as my own to find support and the collaboration to get it produced.

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