Ideas for structuring Community Hubs and dApps

Hello World,

My name is Konstantin and I am typing this on a rainy Friday from Varna Bulgaria, it’s not always rainy but it is always Varna.
I am giving birth to this discussion hoping that it will mature in favor of all Cardanians out there, we are related now and together we will change the world. There is no one else who can do that but us.
United under such moto we shall begin the shaping of the hubs and connect on local level. This is very important!
As you know Cardano foundation has “new”-CEO Frederik Gregaard and simply put he can add wings to ideas from any of us or all of us together.
Mr. Gregaard has stated his determination towards goals such as Cardano community hubs in every country interacting on local basis-among others… Also he runs an incubator aiming to close the gap between us and the banking sector by improving the trust factor and that is a huge thing which the community will come to need a lot!
The opportunity for us to begin the discussions on why? and how ? is upon us, we should , we must act on it.Charles and many other big brains gave us the tools and the budget but they can do only that much without our feedback.

So where should we begin? or above all what is a community hub? why do we need it ? what is the purpose of it ?
I would like to establish a base by saying that there is a Cardanian in every person they just dont know it yet. Simply because Cardano is like a swiss knife but with countless knifes and tools for every occasion.
I believe that language barrier is the first obstacle on the way of adoption and the second being the technicality aspect of the information. I have preliminary thoughts on solution for those two, but about that later on.
Translation is where we should begin.
What is the community hub ?
Is it a place where you go if you want know? Is it a place where ADA flow? is it a place where you want to grow ? or should it be all of those above or maybe something more?
In my vision I see Cardano Comunity hub interacting with the local people, churches, humanitarian structures, small Bio farmers, small businesses, schools and universities. We can penetrate through all with reason and well realized agenda. I have preliminary thoughts on how to do that, but the legal frame of it is misty. more on that with other posts :slight_smile:
What is the purpose of the Cardano Comunity Hubs ?
I guess that different people will make different sense of it, but the purpose of them is to unite us globally in the effort to change the financial and the voting system.How is that for a purpose ?
I will stop here for now and see if this gets traction. I am really eager to hear you opinions , comments as well as your thoughts as individuals .
Much love to all of you