Cardano Hubs Initiative - Public Community Consultation

This topic is created to serve as a baseline for the public Community Consultation of the upcoming Cardano Hubs Program.

Cardano Hubs will unlock some significant funds from the Cardano Foundation and unleash the creativity & entrepreneurship of the Community to run Community Projects and form Cardano Hubs around the world.

There is very little known at this point as this great initiative has been only mentioned on a few videos and forums.

Nevertheless it would be great to involve the Community early on and have all of us shape this program together before it is being officially & finally released.

Looking for @maki.mukai @tom.kelly to support this initiative and feed us with information & content we may start to discuss here.



Need some more infos as well!!

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@maki.mukai @tom.kelly

Please let´s work open & transparent with the Community developping this program to something mature & sustainable before it is being released. Are you willing to go down this road?

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