Cardano Hubs - Request for Open Community Consultation

"Hoskinson is currently looking to introduce the concept of “Cardano Hubs,” community groups that come together to evangelize and get people excited about the project. The CEO mentions setting up hubs in places like Africa, South America, Asia, and the United States."

What is the status of this “Cardano Hubs” Program?

Would it be possible to include the Community in an open, public consultation to support the creative design process of the Program? (Could be a good lessons learned following the Ambassadors one to rather involve & engage early on with the Community and not after the official release.)

It would be nice to unleash the collective experience, competence, intelligence & creativity of the Community and let the Program benefit from it. Especially as each highly diverse geographical local context (cultural, political, environmental, social, technological, ecological, religious, legal, etc.) might require a different recipe to be successful & efficient.

@tom.kelly @maki.mukai @Nathan_Kaiser any news on this?

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More news on this and many other topics on my AMA live from New York tomorrow Wednesday!


@Nathan_Kaiser is this going to be taped and posted?

Seems as though things might be progressing behind the scenes. I’m getting excited.ShabbySparklingAmericanavocet-size_restricted

Looking forward! Thanks for making an AMA.

Hi @Zenman

Yes, co-hosts dLab will be filming the meetup and sharing the video after the event.
We’ll be sure to share the video once ready