Cardano Awakens: Heavy-Hitting Updates and Foundation Restructuring

Haven’t checked every detail but overall this looks like a great article:


This is the beginning of a new era…


Very good article Rob. Thanks for posting.


Whether it [Cardano] will rival the likes of Ethereum, TRON, or EOS is another debate.


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I think TRON especially on that list is going to be tough to compete with given that they weren’t even sure what codebase they were going to fork off of for their main client a measly few months back. Charles recommended the Mantis client, thus clearly it’s hard to imagine how IOHK could ever compete with the likes of such great projects! /s

On the plus side in a decade or so it’ll be even more so funny to look back at all of these “enlightened” perspectives.

From the article:

"In a comment on the resignation, Hoskinson said that the community is “waking up the foundation and getting it where it was supposed to go,” a clear indication of movement in the right direction. Moreover, he cites in-fighting with the Cardano Foundation as one of the reasons why the marketing of the project has suffered. Now that the issues are getting resolved, users should expect Cardano’s marketing presence to improve.

Hoskinson is currently looking to introduce the concept of “Cardano Hubs,” community groups that come together to evangelize and get people excited about the project. The CEO mentions setting up hubs in places like Africa, South America, Asia, and the United States."

I have a couple of queries:

  1. How much is the Cardano foundation listening to the community? If the community comes up with a great marketing idea (one that is heavily supported by the community) could the foundation supply funding?

  2. Does anyone have information on these “Cardano hubs”? Is this a thing in development?

Yes to both questions, though timescales are unclear. Sorry, yes to the second part of 2, don’t think there’s much info out yet.

Cool and cool.

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