Cardano Community Hubs. Project

Hi !
This is an invitation to those who wish to participate in the call to create community hubs.
The project: Community Hub Global Network

I want to join efforts for the work of local education, with a global network.

Please contact me if you are interested for further information about the project.

Cardano community is about pool operators and delegators.
Everyone can do this job.

Two articles and a video from Charles H. below, for better understanding.

Purposes of a community hub:

  • Recruiting and guiding new members to the community.
  • Digitial broadcasting and education, creating content and making events that involve the community.
  • Local broadcasting and education, in the regions reached by the hub members.
  • Establish a focus where community members can create new relationships, allowing to connect different professional sectors, covering the needs demanded in each project.
  • Establish a place of entrepreneurship, where the community can share, promote and encourage ideas through calls proposed by the hub itself.
  • Support and advise new projects and challenges in the legal, administrative, financial, image and marketing fields, in order to minimize the risk involved in undertaking them.
  • Advice on seeking funding in a decentralized manner with the Catalyst rounds or by creating a stake pool of purpose.
  • Research and innovation in new formulas for the inclusion and adoption of Cardano.