Why is a Cardano Community Hub necessary?

The question deserves a prior understanding, what is a Cardano Community Hub ?

As Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano and CEO of the IOHK, explained in a video on November 22, 2020, it’s simply the outreach needed for Cardano to gain more adoption, marketing, and representation must be achieved in each region, country, and city.

Each person who lives in a city knows their environment, their needs, their lifestyle, and that is how they can best interact.

Cardano was designed in such a way that it can adapt to global needs, from its versatile platform, and thus starting locally, in cities or countries, its globality will increase.

Therefore, by locating Community Hubs in different countries it will be possible to better address its dissemination. Education is the key that Cardano needs to be known, demonstrating its potential for services on digital identity, distributed applications (DApps) and intelligent contracts.

Innovative concepts such as holocracy, which is an organizational system in which authority and decision making are distributed horizontally rather than being established by a management hierarchy, underpin this type of Community Hubs ideas.

The governance designed for the Voltaire era, initiated with Catalyst where ideas are proposed and the community votes to choose the best to develop at Cardano is in line with the Community Hub philosophy.

The work of people bringing local communities together is the beginning of the work, just as the family is for a society, Cardano Community Hubs are for the global ecosystem of the network.

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