Community Hubs Vision

The inevitable digital transformation that companies suffer, sometimes driven by unexpected and unpredictable events, as we lived during the year 2020 with the COVID, and other times driven by the competition itself, forces you to take the step to offer a better service in tune with new technologies .

Cardano provides us with state-of-the-art blockchain technology, without barriers and equally accessible to everyone. We can build new services or improve existing ones making use of all the advantages that blockchain technology provides us, taking advantage of Cardano’s design as a global financial and social system.
Every day the Cardano community is growing, just look at the number of new wallets created per day.

The community has several communication channels divided by topics and languages, where members can express themselves, share ideas and solve their doubts. The first barrier that a member faces is the lack of understanding of an apparently complex technology. It is important that these members receive adequate support and guidance from other more experienced members when they start. There is no point in encouraging adoption if the community does not understand and is not in tune with the capabilities of the technology. Education forms the basis of adoption, so it is a priority in Cardano’s expansion plans.
Just as IOG, CF and Emurgo devote part of their resources to nurturing the community with educational support and content, the so-called community hubs will play an important role in the Cardano ecosystem, acting in a similar way to these entities but focused on specific community groups.

Who is part of a community hub?
A community hub is integrated by members of the community with similar goals . In addition, there are different aspects to cover around the Cardano adoption projects, both technical and non-technical, that is why having a multidisciplinary team would be a healthy option, providing value from different disciplines makes the support more complete and enables the hub to cover more aspects and needs of the community.

Once the community feels comfortable and knows how to use the scope of technology is when, taking advantage of their capabilities and personal activities , begins to solve current problems . This is where the spark of Cardano’s entrepreneurship and adoption begins.
Members who wish to carry out projects can get support from the community hubs as frameworks and entrepreneurship , where they can design and develop their ideas.

Purposes of a community hub

  • Recruiting and guiding new members to the community.
  • Digitial broadcasting and education, creating content and making events that involve the community.
  • Local broadcasting and education, in the regions reached by the hub members.
  • Establish a focus where community members can create new relationships, allowing to connect different professional sectors, covering the needs demanded in each project.
  • Establish a place of entrepreneurship, where the community can share, promote and encourage ideas through calls proposed by the hub itself.
  • Support and advise new projects and challenges in the legal, administrative, financial, image and marketing fields, in order to minimize the risk involved in undertaking them.
  • Advice on seeking funding in a decentralized manner with the Catalyst rounds or by creating a stake pool of purpose.
  • Research and innovation in new formulas for the inclusion and adoption of Cardano.

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