The importance of community: us


Cardano is a project driven by lots of brilliant people. The approach is academical and try to solve three point in the young blockchain universe that no one else try before.

Based on the previous experiments, the researcher know that scalability, sustainability and interoperability are issue that must be managed to put this new tech mainstream.

It is exciting and I am so glad to discover this project.


Without us, without a community that brings it outside the university the project cannot be available to the crowd!

So, share share share


We must bring Cardano outside and show the roadmap to the world.

my two cents…


I agree. But at the same time I would recommend to everyone who supports Cardano to speak in a mature way about Cardano, Look at how cool Charles and Duncan are presenting Cardano. Lets reflect that attitude to the rest of the world. This way we can distinguisch ourself from the rest of the ‘moon’ ‘lambo’ nonsense. Lets behave like real Cardanians! :smiley:


Spot on :slight_smile:


Community is important!


I totally agree. I’m not sure how I found Cardano but the more I researched and watched videos I really liked the high quality of everything that was presented.


The Cardano ecosystem (IOHK, Emurgo and Foundation) can’t do everything. If you have an idea for improving and promoting Cardano, make a proposal on the forum, get some supporters and execute.

If you get some support in the community for something, even if others are naysaying, go for it. The swarm is very powerful.