What are ways to get involved with Cardano Community? Open Thread

This is an Informational Thread for people who want to get more involved in the community. I am brainstorming ideas. - Phil for North Carolina USA

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The Cardano Announcements Telegram channel has a pinned post listing all of the official channels (some links missing due to copy/paste):

Learn more by joining our various telegram groups:
:loudspeaker: @CardanoAnnouncements : here we will post project updates and relevant news.
:star: @CardanoGeneral : for all things Cardano. All posts must be related to Cardano, Ada, or any projects and businesses related to the project. Links, posts and comments not related to Cardano will be removed and repeat offenders will be banned.
:two_hearts: @CardanoCommunityTechSupport : a place to ask any technical support related questions. Otherwise, you can also browse the official Help Centre https://help.cardanohub.org or the Daedalus FAQ https://daedaluswallet.io/faq.
:computer: @CardanoDevelopersOfficial : for developers and anyone interested in the technical/coding aspect of Cardano.
:rocket: @CardanoTradingOfficial : a place to discuss trading Ada. Note any comments asking for donations or special contests to “win” Ada will be immediately removed and repeat offenders will be banned.
:triangular_flag_on_post: @CardanoReportToAdmin : a place for users to report other users who break the community rules. Please also contact us here if you have been ‘inaccurately’ banned from any of our other Telegram groups.
:jp: @CardanoJapanOfficial : このテレグラム・グループでカルダノのことを話し合うことができます。
:jp: @CardanoJapanTrading: ここでは取引について話すことができます。
:cn: @CardanoChinaOfficial : 下面是Cardano中国群。本群将讨论关于Cardano的一切事宜。
:kr: @CardanoKoreaOfficial: 여기는 공식 카르다노 코리아 텔레그램방 입니다.
Our other Cardano Community channels
Forum: https://forum.cardano.org/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cardanocom https://twitter.com/cardanoStiftung
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Cardanocommunity
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/cardano/
Rocket.Chat: https://chat.cardano.org/

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Is what possible?