Hello guys! Software Developer from Philippines here!

Hi Guys I’m a software developer and a big supported of blockchain and decentralization in general, and I think Cardano and ADA will be the core of blockchain and decentralization in the future. I have seen many talks from Charles online and he just inspires me to believe in a better future.

I hope I am welcome here and I plan to study cryptography and blockchain more and more to contribute to the community.

P.S Can someone point me to a chat community like discord and telegram?


This is just for official announcements but on it you can find links to all the other groups…

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Can’t seem to find anything

See pinned post on that group.

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Hi @Mercurial and welcome to the forum

Hello and welcome @Mercurial :slight_smile:

Hello! I’d love to visit the Philippines one day I hear it’s beautiful! Hopefully if I ever get there I can spend some Ada!

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thank you guys :smiley: