Cardano Discord Community

Hi everyone,
Hope everyone is doing great. I have just joined Cardano community. I would like to get to know people and sharing thoughts and creativity. Thus I have created a discord chat server. Please feel free join and say hello. I have added the discord invite below. Thank you all

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Welcome on board

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Welcome @Blkfyre great to have you here! We do already have a discord channel, although doesn’t get as much use as telegram, I know Seb is pretty active there! Feel free to join!



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Hey @Josh_Munday,
I’m trying to join the server but the page doesn’t open… any ideas why this could be? how can I join the discord group?

Umm the link does still open for me… Give this one ago Here @ALI_S

Nice but i’m unable to join discord HELP ???

tried a tutorial from still it isn’t working.

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So excited to be part of the twitter @themobcrypto family!
now have a channel on their Discord! Come join up themobcrypto's server lots of amazing CNFT artists, works, and treasures found here!

Hello Mike,
How can I speak with someone who can assist with isues concerning my ledger wallet on Eternl?

You revived a pretty ancient thread, here.

You can:

  • Open a new thread here in the #english:communitytechnicalsupport category and ask the community of this forum publicly.
  • Got to Eternl’s Discord server at and ask either the community and team there in one of the open channels or go to the “open-support-ticket” channel there and open a ticket, where you can communicate privately with the Eternl team.