Centralization in Cardano community power?

I agree this should have been sorted out in private long time ago. But it never did. And they keep attacking and discrediting. This is not the first time this happens. The troll in the first thread who by mistake revealed himself as Rob still has his thread criticizing the guardians - nothing whatsoever happened to that thread -, while the thread where the other party explained themselves is locked. Is this fair and balanced? Add on top of this many of the other group are in positions for ambassadors and one of them is revealed as having directly tried to attack Cardano watchdogs. So excuse me for asking if this is a coincidence. I am not saying all the ambassadors are rotten far from it but when you have a dispute between two groups perhaps - just perhaps you should be careful any such ambassadors focused on forwarding Cardano instead of attacking the other group? Does that not make sense? It sure does for me. None of the questions we have asked after the CF change have been answered. We have discussed how the community could be part of CF with so far no response. We have asked many questions regarding the ambassador program in this thread and so far no real clarity. It is ironic that many of the former guardians are also proposed as ambassadors and now one of them is found out to be directly related to slander on Cardano watchdogs. So again excuse me for asking what a coincidence.

What good does it make to have replaced Parsons if what is left is unable to provide transparency and unable to provide a balanced discussion where different viewpoints can be discussed. It does not help to have the best and most scientific rigor on the cryptocurrency itself if the community cannot upheld minimum standards.

When serious governance issues arrive in the future about the roads the users of Cardano should take you would have been glad that there have been discussions on this in the past. And if this becomes a place only for the agreeable people then we will have lost something.