EMURGO: Meet Goblin, a Blockchain Startup Changing Content Distribution Globally

EMURGO is proud to welcome Goblin, the newest batch member of the dLab/EMURGO startup accelerator in 2020.

In our Internet-dominant era, users are facing increasing Internet privacy issues with web ads and clickbait ads. Goblin is changing the way consumers and producers of content interact with trustful efficiency, creating a win-win for both content consumers & creators. Goblin is a web-native way for Internet users to consume quality content, whether it’s news, downloads or videos.

Rather than paying for this content, users’ devices simply solve a valuable computational puzzle, in exchange for the content. This transaction is enabled by useful proof-of-work , a consensus algorithm first implemented in the Bitcoin blockchain. This proof-of-work system is the bridge Goblin uses to reward both users and producers of content.

“What’s In It For Content Consumers?”

Goblin offers a smoother experience for content consumers. Users of the service will no longer be distracted by intrusive advertisements, as consumers are valued for their computational contribution rather than their clicks. No user data is collected from anyone who uses Goblin, ensuring total privacy by the service. Furthermore, high-quality journalism previously protected by paywalls can now be liberated, as price-sensitive consumers more readily reward content creators through Goblin’s service.

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