EMURGO Blog: Blockchain Use Case for User Review Sites

EMURGO - a global blockchain solutions provider & a founding entity of Cardano - is committed to delivering efficient solutions to enterprises & organizations leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology. One of the strongest utilities of blockchain solutions is the ability to provide immutable data records in an automated and secure way. This immense benefit will ultimately lead to the creation of a variety of use cases in both the public and private sectors.

Use Case: Lack of Trust & Transparency with Centralized Review Platforms

When customers are looking for a good local restaurant or bar, it’s rather inconvenient to spend lots of one’s own time on finding different places. Instead, most will choose to search on restaurant review sites or applications to save time. On these review sites or applications, customers can easily check restaurant rankings, trends, and select the best places based on past customer reviews.

However, in recent years, people have been increasingly questioning the scores of major restaurant review sites. Some restaurants have even claimed that they had been on the receiving end of unfair business threats such as a lower review score if they had refused to pay a certain amount to a popular review platform. In fact, Japan’s Fair Trade Commission announced it had begun an investigation into online restaurant review sites in 2019 to see if there had been any such activities.

Although site & application-specific names have not been publicly disclosed, it seems that major applications in Japan such as “Tabelog” and “GuruNavi” are on the list. There are valid customer & restaurant skepticisms that an individual restaurant’s overall review scores are based on how much that restaurant pays in annual fees to a site’s/application’s operator. There are beliefs that restaurants which refuse to pay the annual fee are given a limited maximum cap on their review score even though there are excellent reviews on other sites.

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