Charles Hoskinson's Call for More Podcasts in the Cardano Ecosystem

Charles Hoskinson’s Call for More Podcasts in the Cardano Ecosystem

(Written by @Eric_Czuleger)

On August 16th 2020 Charles Hoskinson sat down to give an update about the emergence of more podcasts in the Cardano ecosystem.

Building additional content

We wanted to discuss show bounties. The Cardano Effect is an incredible podcast and a great investment for the Cardano Foundation. This fulfills a great niche in the Cardano ecosystem for announcements, and well vetted information. However, we need one for dApp development, something like ‘All about Plutus and Marlowe.’ We would also like to have a show which displays how technical analysis and quants work. It would also be good to have a show that gives an idea of projects in flight.

This would give us a wide spectrum of podcasts covering tutorials, dApps, assets, and design. It would also serve as a bridge between developers and the general audience. We have a growing audience and this is why we believe it would be a good idea to get it started now. There is a ton of interest in markets as well and so it would be great to combine technical and pedagogical information. This is why we are setting aside 15k each as a grant to begin a podcast.

Making funding available

However, if individuals are willing to go through the DCfund process then it will be matched by Charles Hoskinson. This could amount to around 30k in funding for a potential podcast. We would love to see a show where every week people build things. We would also like to see a show which discusses apps of the week and technical analysis. This is not meant to steal thunder from the Cardano Effect, it is meant to compliment it.

We believe that the Floss Weekly format, which discusses open source projects in a podcast, is a great format for this. To get on the ballot we encourage everyone to create an application for Fund2. We will try to open source our knowledge in terms of providing expert opinion and making our professionals available for both the building and the trading podcast. We believe that having this content around will move our ecosystem to the next level. We also think that there will be additional programming which spawns from the original shows.

We hope that the DCFund agrees to go forward with these projects. IOHK is here to help grow the ecosystem and we want to reach out to anyone who wants to do this kind of work. We believe that an initial 30k in funding is enough to encourage the growth of these projects and we hope that someone takes up the challenge.


Hello, I’m very interested in hosting a podcast about DApp concepts that could be built on the Cardano Network… I have the equipment necessary to record and post episodes… I’m wondering where I should submit a pitch proposal for the community to vote on?

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We are in the same boat. I have a team of people who are in the process of developing a dApp and an end to end supply chain solution and looking to document it with our current podcast, but open to starting a new podcast with the developers and other conversations around use, utility and other topics… I have looked for emails for the dcfund and haven’t found one yet.

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Thank you!!!

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Charles talks about submitting a proposal through the Cardano foundation? Where is the or documentation for a proper submission? Can someone link me to that please?

This is how I got in touch with the foundation initially, in my acquisition of their ambassador program. You would need to check to see if you meet their criteria, but if you already have a social media outlet and you are already talking about Cardano then you could kill two birds with one stone with becoming an ambassador as well as Submitting your idea for creating a podcast. Good luck!

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Thank you for the information!

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Could it also be a podcast in Spanish? The Hispanic community is constantly growing, from Spain there have been several episodes talking with the Cardano ambassador with a successful audience (+ 6.4k real listeners).


I think yes, definitely

This is great opportunity, I applied
Already got few positive replies from the community
I know chance my proposal will be supported is very low, but it’s still a chance!

A response to Charles check out our weekly podcast on how to build Dapps and Smart Contracts that run on Cardano. Please subscribe to the YouTube Channel!