Hello from Sydney Australia

Hello Cardano community! Over the past month i’ve had my head down educating myself about ADA and I just listened to a podcast with the legend Charles Hoskinson and I gotta say, the guy and his team are complete visionaries. Im in for the long term with Cardano and can’t wait to see what unveils in the next days, weeks and months. :smile:


Hello @Dae2018, welcome to the community! :grin: I’m curious to know which podcast you were listening to.

Thank you @Bullishdong. I listened to the recording via the Finance magnates website.

Link: https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/cardano-founder-ada-will-better-btc-eth-1-year-interview/

Soundcloud (uploaded 5 days ago): https://soundcloud.com/finance-magnates.

My questions were answered in this interview. Enjoy!