Charles on Ivan on tech tomorrow April 8 2019


They rocked it. I’m so glad that EOS is a close competitor. The way Charles talks it’s just shitty.

Awsome. I only watched the first 10 min. I’m at a trade show this week. Will watch as I can.

This was a good interview. Ivan asked some really intelligent questions.

Charles was super crisp in his description of (more like compare/contrast between) Cardano and EOS.

The man has principles and that is worth a lot on my books. He is in it for the long haul. You can see it.

Charles’ ideals are perhaps the best thing that ever happened to Cardano. They steer the community and the tech in the right direction and protect it from scammy impulses.

That builds a lot of goodwill and trust, especially beyond the crypto trading crowd… where actual adoption lives.

I’d like him to talk more in mainstream media outlets but that might be easier when we have something really cool to talk about. Maybe even after coinbase listing.

Coinbase listing also should make things easier for those who aren’t tech savvy to hold their keys or transfer assets btw exchanges.


Charles is the face and voice of Cardano.

Cardano’s ethics are half the reason it’s my main investment. The other half is the tech.


I’m not unique in this but I’ve probably watched every video Charles has been involved with. Nothing in this interview was something he hasn’t already said before, but Ivan was able to ask good questions to get a lot of content many people keep asking about. It’s best to ignore the chat stream but it is a reflection of the crypto space in general. Such exaggerated ignorance it’s juvenile. This is the caliber of people and investors in this space and I wish it was just an example of a rare but vocal minority.

The crypto trading crowd is here to make money and would like to see ADA become adopted to increase the value of their holdings. Charles via his efforts, along with the teams of IOHK, CF, Emurgo are establishing integrity and legitimacy at the foundational level of governments, cryptographers, industry, etc and it’s these relationships that will be the backbone of solutions ADA can provide.

Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, Walmart, Baidu, WeChat, Whatsapp, etc is where adoption will test the infrastructure of the crypto industry and start to become meaningful.

As he said, mainstream media would only make sense when staking and smart-contracts were live, as a point of something to talk about and not just a promise something is coming. It seems pretty clear that even critics will come to see the project with value on it’s own merits by the end of the year.

Considering the exchange API changes and new code base, more exchanges should have ADA as a major trading pair in the next 12 - 18 months. Hopefully CF has some initiatives along this line.


Well said!

I would argue that whatever will exist on top of Cardano will likely to replace Facebook, Google, Apple, etc. Centralized solutions are almost always inferior/restrictive to the decentralized options. I might even go as far as saying that some of these entities would transform into decentralized networks themselves… to survive.

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Possibly, but I highly doubt Cardano will power a decentralized Facebook or other large scale platforms. It seems to me that Amazon, Facebook etc will likely develop their own fork of something, mostly for purposes of profitability and these will be advertising based platforms where they can pitch and promote.

That said, I have no idea how this would work for a for profit company, considering how low fees can be on certain chains. Considering we’re living in a free is good enough, advertising based social economy, everything will be disrupted by blockchain, including what we feel we are willing to pay for directly.

This is where the BAT proposal will probably be adopted more and more for services we’re used to getting for free. Advertisers pay users directly to view content.

Considering how broad the scope ADA can be used for, especially with side chains, solutions for this certainly could come to use the ADA platform, but the world is big enough for other successful projects, especially domain specific services like this. What’s just as important is that ADA can somewhat accumulate and manage such tokens as NIPOPOS as need be. This may be attractive for projects that are committed to an infrastructure but may want to piggy back on security (or other) features of ADA.

It would be good to see task forces from CF build strategies to incubate a wide variety of concepts for such things, and even build strategies to approach existing projects with the benefits ADA could provide for their platform if they want to port it over to ADA. I think there should be a group of people at CF looking at existing blockchain projects and build pitches directly at how ADA could improve the infrastructure of what they are building. If nothing else, see if their project would be willing to accept ADA as an alternative method of in app currency.


I believe IOHK will be working on solutions for these types of systems.

Charles did a great job in this interview.