Token2049 - Hong Kong Interviews w/ Charles Hoskinson

Charles the Cardano Crypto Cowboy and Tone Vays. I’d say Charles set him straight about POW vs POS. :cowboy_hat_face:

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This dude is rude, can’t even look at Charles after he asks a question. I applause Charles for rebuttaling all the BS the interviewer was trying to throw his way and doing it with class at that.


He just has superficial knowledge about Proof-of-Stake and Cardano and makes a rushed, immature judgement without proper understanding. He will have a shocking experience once Cardano flys off.with adoption.

If you observe his stlye, mimics and attitude you can see he doesn´t really gives a damn sh*t about what the interviewee (Charles) responds, he already made up his mind, he won´t change or let it be influenced. This is a clear sign of an amateur riporter, the lack of openness, interest and flexibility to change opinion as part of good reasoning and constructive discussion.

Useless interview this one was.