Hi Chaps/Chapesses - Tom here - Podcast Host and Overall Crypto Enthusiast

Hi all,

Just a quick post to say hello - Tom here from the UK - I’ve spent the past year and a half blogging and podcasting about my journey learning to trade Forex and now I’ve been bitten by the Crypto bug. ADA is the only coin I’ve invested in (so far) because of the awesome Team and the clear goal.

I’m truly looking forward to enjoying this journey with you all.


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hi @Tom_TBT and welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Tom,

I’m in the process of starting up a Cardano specific podcast called “Let’s Talk Cardano”. I was wondering if you would be interested in having a chat sometime for the podcast? If so you can contact me on jason.j.whittle@gmail.com




Hi @Tom_TBT :smiley:

Must say I’m a big fan of your podcast. you and Owen are doing an incredible job but as you already say you two are beginning to turn more into cryptos :smiley: When I was begun my journey into Forex you release the 2nd episode of Two Blokes Trading. I was never a big fan of Cryptos but the Cardano project got me hooked. I’m in it to HODL. Super dupper solid team behind the Cardano make me sleep like a baby at nights. I don’t really understand all the specifics of it because I’m not a good reader and all those long whitepapers are getting me sleepy. So that’s why I rely mostly on you guys to simplify the explanations :smiley:
@Gandalf and his new podcast Let’s talk Cardano has also been quite enjoyable.

Thanks for doing that guys :+1:


Yo @Potato2Trader thanks so much for your support - quite literally it’s why we launched the pod!

I’d geek off about your trading now but maybe it would be better to do it off the forum - ping me an email mate: tom@twoblokestrading.com.



Welcome @Tom_TBT Tom! :slight_smile:

I also host a podcast - The Remarkable Business Show over here >> http://www.remarkable.fm

Best wishes,

Jon :sunglasses:

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