Let's Talk Cardano Podcast - First Episode



Hi everyone,

I’ve just published the first episode of “Let’s Talk Cardano”. At the moment it’s only available on YouTube, but I plan on listing it on iTunes etc so that people can access it using their favorite podcast Apps. If you’re interested in joining me to discuss all things Cardano related please let me know. This episode just goes through the roadmap and a few other things.


Hey Gandalf

I like that very much :blush: Thanks :+1:
Did you upload it only on youtube or we can find your podcast via podcast app? (Podcast Addict app didn’t find it)


I’ve just submitted it as a podcast. Apple need to verify it. I imagine that it will be available within a week. I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:


Thanks I will look for this in the near future - love my podcasts while driving!


It’s available as a podcast now, and I just made a second episode.