Hi everyone! This is Adrian stakepool operator from Arizona

Hello everyone,

My name is Adrian and I’m from Arizona. I recently brought a stake pool online and I began to learn more about how an SPO can mint blocks.

So, my node currently consists of a Block producer and one relay. My stake is only in the hundreds of ADA compared to the millions I see from the top producing SPOs but I am happy to learn what it takes to get more delegators on board.

The funny thing about getting more delegators is that I am going to have to step out of my comfort zone to market myself and my pool, which is something I would avoid normally but I’m all in now. So, I guess I’m going to grow.

For those interested, my pool’s ticker is STONE, it’s a common name I found out. Its full name is Stone Validator and my pool id is:

My main focus on STONE is to learn about IT and Cybersecurity because I’m going to school for those things. As I progress in this project I’m learning that to become successful you have to make Cardano a part of the community you live and work in.

So as I thought about how this work affects my community, I immediately thought about what I do for a living. My job now is a part of a community of sober and purpose-driven individuals and they usually stay in our program for 13-15 months. If you’re like me, after the 13-15, you’ll stay on and volunteer for six months to a year. After that, you’ll be hired. I’ve been with this organization for over eight years and it’s been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. My full title is curriculum coordinator and I teach the material our program assigns.

The benefits of operating a stake pool have immediate benefits for people in my program because it keeps me active in my learning which in turn makes my grades better for my degree, which then gives the students in my program a sense that they should go back to school. I’ve seen this play out many times.

I currently have my CompTIA Network+ cert and I’m working on getting my Security+ by next summer.

I became interested in Cardano last year when my roommate told me that their token was way undervalued at 3 cents! I wish I listened to him then :man_facepalming: Still, I was investing in other cryptos back then. So much later, I bought enough ADA to get me here.

I love that there are so many resources for people to become an SPO that I feel if I can be one of those contributing people I can help make this project and possibly the world a better place.

Can’t wait to meet you all.

-Adrian aka Stone_Curator


Welcome to the community :wave:

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Nice to meet you, mcrio! How long have you been a part of these forums?

~2 months. The community is spread across several locations. There is the cardano.stackexchange, these forums, discord, telegram channels… If you don’t find something here, look up those other places too.

I’m looking through the stake pool operators’ topics now. So that’s where I should be posting this intro :sweat_smile: I’m working on the template someone posted there to post my pool’s id and other helpful information.

What’s cardano.stackexchange?

I’ll post few links:


Thanks. Those look like some good places for me to start.

Welcome to the group.

Where can you learn about setting up a stake pool and how to run it? Been curious myself thanks.

@bfleming98. Hello,

I found almost all the instructions from coincashew.com.

  • Here’s a link that teaches you all the basics of what a node does and even shows you how to get it syncing with the testnet.
  • This link here is a must for securing your server. It covers most of the security needed to harden your Cardano node.

-Finally, if you want to jump straight into building, here are all the instructions for getting your node ready for mainnet. (If you want to use these instructions to help you with the Stake pool course) the authors at coincashew have adapted certain sections to have your node sync to the testnet instead.

@bfleming98 How’s it going on the research for setting a cardano node. Do you have any questions yet? :upside_down_face:

@mcrio Lot of useful link you posted for me. :grin:

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Thanks again for posting those links. I have not looked at them yet but hope to get around to it this week.

I am thinking about first getting my ADA off coinbase then on to a ledger and stake it a pool to see how it works. Can I join your pool?

Anyone can delegate to my pool. I need ask a question, though? What are your expectations for your ADA while you are staking and learning?