How do operators promote their ADA stake pool?

Hi guys,

I have started my ADA stake-pool called AIDEN. Is there somebody who willing to share the experiences on how to increase delegators to your stake-pool? Something for a newbie like me who starts to become an operator with no followers on social media/Twitter yet?

Thanks to all the great operators outside there who could share a bit for us, a fresh beginner.

I think you have to first familiarize yourself with the pool rewards mechanisms and why people would delegate to your small pool.

If your pool indeed is small (<1m ada) delegating to your pool would mean accepting about 65% of the rewards when staking at a big pool. And that is assuming you can be trusted to be online and properly managed optimally, which also you yet have to prove. So people must either be ignorant or have another reason to delegate to your pool.

That “another reason” is your job to provide! So ask yourself what added value you can provide to delegators/community. Then start addressing that added value and mostly deliver it and keep up at it!

I would say, one thing is pretty sure. People won’t just delegate to you if you don’t add more value than another pool.

Summary: it is just like starting a business. You have to work hard at it and provide value.

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You will find a link to a cool rewards calculator too.

Thanks for the sharing @ADA4Good :+1: :+1:

I will need to provide more value to the delegators compared to the other pool. I wish I have enough ADA to pledge to my pool, it might be easier to attract delegators when the chance of producing a block is higher; but it’s not an excuse, I will keep doing my best to provide the value :grin:

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