Pledge amount and chances to produce a block

Hello team,
I spent a while trying to understand if pledge amount effect chances to win a slot for block producing.
It was mentioned at iohk website the that there is no minimum pledge amount and it was also mentioned that higher pledge gives you more rewards. I am trying to determine how much more and more than what?
Is there a way to calculate pledge amount so system even consider to get you awarded.

I am a brand new pool operator and currently able to invest 50000 ADA. I have three options in my mind and unable to find a way to calculate which one is batter.

  1. To pledge 10k ADA and delegate 40k ADA
  2. To pledge 25K ADA and delegate 25K ADA
  3. To pledge 50k ADA and work hard to get someone to delegate
    Ither option still 50K pool size so which option will give me more chances to become a slot leader.

Thanks for reading and help


stake is stake. As of now all options grant you the same probabilities to get a block.


Pledge and stake are the same thing…
Pledge = Amount of ADA delegated by pool owner
Stake = Amount of ADA delegated by delegators or pool owner

To create blocks you will need more ADA staked to your POOL, doesn’t matter if this stake is coming from PLEDGE or from delegators

Of course, a higher PLEDGE will give more trust to delegators, and you will attract more


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Understood, Thank you guys for quick reply.
Sorry could not answer earlier, I have reach the limit of reply for the new user.