I received no rewards this epoch

I received no rewards the epoch, who can check on this for me? I had delegation from the Cardano foundation and created 11 blocks but there were no rewards given at the end of the epoch… The only thing I did a few epochs ago was to change my delegation but I ALWAYS lowered it before i took any ada out double checked to make sure I was never pledging less then I claimed… Is there someone who can check on this for me?

Kes and everything else is up to date also

Thanks, Anthony
pool: SoPHi

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When did u received the delegation?


a month ago, the just pulled it for the next bunch… look at this link and my rewards and you will see what I am talking about:

Thanks for helping


I see, no rewards for epoch 244 shown in adapools.org. What more exactly did u?


thats the problem, there are no rewards for epoch 244… I produced 11 blocks and no rewards…
I am trying to find out why…

What do u mean by…
The only thing I did a few epochs ago was to change my delegation
u are pledging from the same wallet?

i changed my pledge from 465,000 ada to ~350,000 but I also lowered the committed pledge amount. Just like when I increased my pledge to what it is now, and i raised the committed pledge amount. there was no time that I was pledging less then what I was committing.

I meant pledge when I said delegation, sorry

I should lower my pledge down to 1,000 ada like everyone else… I try to do the right thing to show delegaters I am committed but what the sense, now I lost about 1000 ada…
This is really s-show… everyone is suppose to have a decent delegation to show they have skin in the game but the big pools have no delegation to speak of and nobody cares. turns out no one cares about the system health, just that they make money…
If you could just verify that I am meeting my delegation commitment so if this happens again at least I will have a witness. I am never going to find out why I created 11 blocks and didn’t get credit for it - I KNOW I had enough ada in to cover my pledge at all times… frustrating…

Sorry, I am sure it’s related with pledge modification but for more details… please open a case to iohk team

They can provide u more details


thank you, i appreciate it.

In this article he said he had to update his certificate when he changed his pledge? How do you update pledge on a certificate? he said, “I’ve been reminded the hard way that the pool’s pledge, at the end of the epoch, needs to match the certificate’s pledge at the start of the epoch for everything to be valid”…
what is the certificates pledge, and how do you update the certificate. I do not remember any certificate that has pledge on it and I have updated my pledge before all this happened, but the update was always more… so of course that would not be a problem… Do you know how to update the certificate?

Yeah, maybe it’s not relevant; wait for the iohk answer… they will reply quick

Thanks again… don’t mean to be short, I am just frustrated… But you have been a big help to a lot of people on this board and we all appreciate it.

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If i’m not mistaken, as you lowered the pledge, you had to wait for 2 epochs before withdrawing from pledge address (as rewards are paid later) otherwise at the moment when the rewards calculations are done -your pledge was not met… So unfortunately no rewards

If you lower your pledge, you should wait 2 epoch transitions before you really move out the amount of ada in your pledge account. Otherwise you will make blocks, but neither you or your delegators will get any rewards.