When the Pool start to provide rewards

Hello, I have a new pool what started a month ago.
the pledge is 1K and I have a few delegators where the active stake today is 2K aprox.

I want to understand when the pool will start to generate same ROA to allow get more delegators, in other words how much needs to be delegated to show some results.


A stake pool needs about 1.1M ADA delegation for one block per epoch in average.
It is just an average, a stake pool can mint blocks (with luck) with less delegation, but it will not happen often. And also 1.1M delegation will not guarantee a block every epoch. There will be epochs without blocks, and there will be epochs with 2-3 blocks from time to time.

thanks, it will hard find someone on my loop to want to invest 1M to allow the pool become profitable,

I’ll be put more effort on the marketing.