Rewards payout per delegate

In a pool that produces blocks in an epoch, are the ADA that are earned just divided among the delegates? If so, then wouldn’t it be better to delegate in a pool with 50 delegates that produced 10 blocks in an epoch, compared to one that produced 45 blocks but has 4,000 delegates?

Rewards are paid out proportional to the stake.

Means : it doesnt matter if you delegate to a pool with 1 or 5000 delegators, it only matters how much you delegate.

re: Zyroxa
Thank you for your reply.
So, how many other delegates doesn’t factor in on how much is paid in rewards. Does the amount of blocks produced by the particular pool affect how much is paid to the delegate?
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The average return per year, no matter to which pool (which is validating blocks) you are delegating is ~3-4%


Thank you Alex

The uptime and reliability of a pool will make a difference too. If a pool becomes eligible to produce a block at a certain slot (due to the amount of stake it has delegated), but misses the slot due to operational issues then no block will be produced. This means you’ll want to delegate a reliable SPO. A reliable SPO will usually have a profitability that tracks with the network average over time, though luck always plays a part in an individual epoch’s results. Sometimes even reliable pools will have bad epochs due to the randomness of assigned slots.