Number of pools and staking rewards

I have the following question:When the number of pools increase,do the staking rewards decrease?

nope, the rewards are not influenced by the number of pools

It depends how you look at it. The more pools make a block in an epoch, the more rewards go to spos (min.340 per spo) =>the less remains for distribution among the delegators.

I don’t think so. Even with more pools being available the delegation tends to go to more sucessful/stable pools. This is by design: survival if the fittest over the long term.

Well, I’ve been learning and testing as SPO for the past 3-4 months and finally last week I deployed out on mainnet. I like the idea of being a Cardano PO, but after all this time, I’m starting having doubts about decentralization.
I understand the K factor and desirability but, looking at Binance with 60+ pools, I’m asking, what happens if Binance decides to retire their pools in one shot? Or what if they build a 1600 more pools? Who’s controlling who?
And as for pledging to get in at this point u need a wallet with a least 50k A at 1.5 and you still not producing anything.
To get delegators you need super social media skills to promote your pool, as for charity things nobody cares. Delegators always looking at their return so obviously they’ll go for the pools with most blocks produced, even if they always get around 5% they will always look for the big pools.
Don’t get me wrong, I got in to PO because I like the idea behind Cardano but there are some obstacles really hard to get by.
At least I learned something new. :smiley:

Like POOLG said.

[quote=“POOLG, post:4, topic:62413”]
survival if the fittest over the long term.
[/quote] and this drives to centralization or maybe I’m wrong, but it sounds like a group of hedge founds controlling a stock.