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We are a small single pool and Decentralized

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Hello, I am interested in how the pool is able to create such large returns. Ive seen youtuber pools average around 4.3% so seeing 12% returns blows my mind. i hope its not too good to be true. I am still fairly new to crytpo and very new to staking my cardano, I would appreciate if you could get back to me and see how i can get these 12% returns on my 2000 cardano

You can not get 12% and in fact delegating to a small pool does not get you even 4%, unless the reward parameters of cardano network change.

We were lucky and we are also well supported and organic
Talking crap Triton Pool will not win you any Kudos
Getting into small low saturated pools will get you very high rewards if they get “lucky” blocks.

WTF are you even doing

I am just being honest. Instead of strong words, prove me wrong by sharing any address that made 12%+ over 12 months period.
There is nothing like 12% interest from delegating to any pool as far as i know. Even the best small pool the Astorpool did not get above 5%.

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No you are fudding a small pool with an edge case.

You have never made a block and have no chance

You know how to look at Delegator Rewards and if you took even a second to do homework you would of not said shit!

Here is a delegator getting great rewards before you wanted to blast Bullshit on forums.
The only people you are hurting by putting out this info is my Delegators by speaking out of line on a subject you have no grounds to speak upon.


F APY, 12% is 12% how about 3400%?

Obviously getting lucky early is not an actual yearly average.
But grand slams are still home runs too

I did the math, results are as follows.
1 year = 73 epochs. had he stayed at Kiwi, he would get consistent 19-20 Ada per block => 1423 p.a. = 3.7%.
By switching to you and by your pool enjoying 244% luck lately, he got appx 239 Ada extra out that. Now if your luck keeps at least close to 100% he can expect 12 Ada per epoch on average. In total 1115 Ada p.a. = 2.9%
Unless he switches to a better rewarding pool quickly, he’ll be on the losing side.

I wish all the good to you and to your delegator.

p.s. This is where I leave this discussion, firstly the audience has gotten all the information, secondly because your posts are guite rude and either ill-informed or worse even willingly misleading.

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Or mostly because you closed your stakepool and did not help in anyway to any delegators or my delegators