Beta: Cardano Delegator Basics Knowledge Check

I created a simple 10 Questions Delegator Knowledge Check which focuses on some important topics every Delegator should be aware of.

I’m sharing this here on the forum for the first time and want to collect feedback before I publish it on other channels. So please give me feedback if you see any mistakes or optimization potential!

Link: Cardano Delegator Basics Knowledge Check


Interesting work, nicely done!
I’d be interested to see the results from SPOs answering those questions. I’m pretty sure there would be surprises…

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Good idea! Just some minor suggestions:

Strictly speaking, I think the following answer is not correct, but please correct me if I misunderstood:
“How much can I earn by staking my Ada” → “The current rewards are ranging from 3-6% on a yearly basis”
If you choose a pool that does not have enough stake to be picked for producing any block over a year you will get 0%. Otherwise one might think that returns are guaranteed. Maybe you can write “up to 6%” ? or reformulate the question.

There are some typos in the description of “Decentralization of Cardano profits from”:

Having many pools without itself is not improving decentralization. Image pools without any active stake for example. Only if a pool really gets some active stake it helps to distribute the power to more pools (owners, locations, countries, …). But of course, more pools should lead to a better distribution regarding the 2 other aspects.

→ Maybe something like "Having many pools in itself is not improving decentralization. Imagine pools without … "

“Just like in the casino”, haha good one :smiley:

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Thank for this feedback. Reformulated the answer to:
“The long-term average rewards of a pool are ranging from 3-6% on a yearly basis.”

Applied your suggested formulation. This happens when reworking the same text multiple times :wink:

→ Thanks for your contribution!

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BTW. There is still a SPO Exam available here, which I introduced some time back: Stake Pool Operators Exam v2 - related Forum Thread is found here

Nice questionnaire :ok_hand:, I scored 9/10