Exam - Stake Pool Operator

If you want to check your knowledge before starting a Stake Pool or running one already and proof if you are still on track try the Stake Pool Operators Exam.

Link - v2: Stake Pool Operator Exam - v2

This exam should let you identify knowledge gaps if there are some.
The questions are not highly complicated and should (at least for operators) be easy to answer.

If you have any issues or feedback to individual questions please let me know.
Also suggestions for additional questions are welcome!

Motivation: I’ve seen several Questionaires recently and thought an Exam could be a nice format for transporting know how. I want to enhance this test also with links to question specific relevant sites.


I like the initiative. Some questions are ambiguous and some answers might be controversial, though. I wanted to copy and paste some but somehow copy is broken on the site.

Do you want help to improve the quiz? I would also recommend asking a native English speaker for final touches.


Thanks @waldmops !
Inputs are very welcome!
I share the questions as a google sheet later today than we can collaborate on them.
Have a native speaker on my mind already who may help with the wording improvements. Also want to add much more question specific learning materials. E.g for chrony,…

I also noticed, It was not very clear, I realised half way through i was supposed to answer 2 out 3 etc. or 3 out of 4 etc.

I was scratching my head thinking more then one answered fittest the question to realised you can do multiple answer to late into the exam

Hey @zwirney, this seems like a great candidate for an app on the testnet with off-blockchain hosted on Github for the community to develop together while moving onto the mainnet when available.

16 Attempts so far. 3 passed (>80%)
Will further work on the questions. @waldmops is taking a look on it as well.
And additionally add some learning links.

When this is done I’ll reach out with the Setup Stakepool Guide Providers asking to integrate it into the Prep Sections of the according course.
I’m currently waiting with promoting the exam too much. Rather optimizing the quality first with the limited number of attendees from the forum.

I’ll also try to get some Feedback from IOG on it. Maybe they also see some common misbeliefes which could be sorted by a simple question in the exam.

All Inputs from @waldmops are incorporated into the test.
Additionally I added feedback texts for most of the questions with links to supporting material or just some textual explanation.

I’ll keep the link here on the forum until the end of the week. If no one finds an issue I’ll get into touch with the different SPO course providers and also share the link on Telegram and Reddit.

I linked the examl on the “Cardano Stake Pool Best Pratice Workgroup” on Telegram.
Got some feedback there and improved the test accordingly.

To make it easier to collect feedback and improve the test I uploaded the question in a new GitHub Repo: GitHub - ResponsibleStaking/StakepoolOperatorBeginnerExam

Feel free to contribute! Will again link it now on reddit to collect some more feedback. After that I’ll ask for linking in the courses.

Currents statistics from the first 56 Tests which were completed.
Average duration was 15 minutes.
The average score of takers which already run a pool is 85% (avg of 33 participants).
For those who are planning the average score is 69% (avg of 12 participants)

I’d say the passing score of 80 is OK or maybe a little too easy.
In total 36 of 56 attempts where passes.
Again, the test is for beginners, so i think this is OK.
But maybe there will be a more advanced test some time :slight_smile:

Note: the tests are filled out anonymously. Therefore I do not know if someone re-tried the test which might influence the statistics.


After 82 finished tests the result looks like this:

From the 46 results of “running a Pool already” category 36 passed with a score > 80%