Exam - Delegator

I previously posted an exam for Stake Pool operators.
As there were already ~100 participants I thought it could make sense to have the same for delegators as well.

Here we go: Introduction - ClassMarker
The test is just made of 11 questions. Should take no more than 5 minutes.
If you have any suggestions, doubts, or inputs regarding other important aspects please let me know.

I’ll also export the questions again on Github to allow community contribution to it.
It’s the first version and I wanted to publish it only on the forum here first for early (and hopefully friendly) review :wink:

If you are interested in the Operators exam: Exam - Stake Pool Operator


This are the current results which were collected so far from 67 participations:


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And these are the results per Question (Percentage of correct answer per question)

The following questions were answered wrong most often:

Q7 (58% answered wrong)

Q1 (52% answered wrong)

Q4 (42% answered wrong)

Q3 (37% answered wrong)

Most essential result for me:
Most delegators (58%) think that just having many pools is supporting decentralization even if the pools do not have any active stake.