Survey for Ada owners on choosing a stake pool

Please take five minutes to share your thoughts on choosing a stake pool. This is a short, anonymous survey of which the results will be shared back to the stake pool community to help us all better understand what Ada delegators are looking for when choosing a stake pool.

The survey is targeted to everyday Ada owners & users, but stake pool operators are welcome to fill it out as well.

Note: You’ll be asked to choose most/least important items on page 2 multiple times - this is normal and how the survey works, just keep going until it lets you go to the next page :slight_smile:

I’ll share the results here once we get a good number of replies.

I’m not getting over page 2.
Was on Page 3 already and went back to 2, then it does not accept/validate any more

Worked for me to reach page 3…But it’s strange nevertheless to answer the same questions in such a repetitive manner over and over again on page 2.

Sorry for the bugs. The survey app I chose seems to have some issues with this kind of question. Even if you couldn’t complete the whole survey, your partial answers will be saved. The questions after the second page were all optional anyway.

The repetitive questions are necessary to get a more accurate stack rank of the choices, so the results should be higher quality than simply asking folks what they think is important.

Thank you both for filling it out!

Hi all, thank you for your participation!

We received over 250 responses, and I’ve summarized the findings in this slide deck (the raw data is also linked from there if you’d like to dig in deeper):

The TL;DR of the survey is that when choosing a stake pool, delegators want maximum ROI and consistent returns most of all (are we really surprised that people are motivated by money?) Delegators care less about value-add services (such as NFT creation) and slick websites.

Feel free to share around to your stake pool friends, perhaps some of them will find this useful when crafting a marketing strategy to attract more delegators!

Thanks for sharing this. Result is of course expected. Delegators are delegating to get rewards. So Bigger income beats everything else.

Yes. I got a bit caught up in the community and ideals smoke and started a pool of my own, but at the end of the day, pools and staking are about investment and returns, not ideals and emotions. So I de-registered my 2k pledge pool. I already have a day job, so could not take on the second business of marketing a pool to the globe. So the most important thing is a high pledge to guarantee block minting chance and low pool fees so that stakers feel that they are getting maximum ROI.

The marketing of pools is a nice distraction but eventually most smaller pools will see the writing on the wall and just like Bitcoin, it’s the economic giants that will run the Cardano network. What incentive is there to stake with a small pledge pool and get no rewards for consecutive epochs while they slowly garner stakers when you can just stake with a large pledge, robust infrastructure pool and gain rewards ?