Day in the life of a stake pool operator

I am very curious about just what the stake pool operators do, how do they make blocks? What does their interactions with the protocol look like? How much time is spent actually running the system? I would personally like to see screen shots with explanation. If @rickymac or @philpa or some other pool operator wanted to make such a video it would be appreciated very much :blush:. I am a deep enthusiast of Cardano and am very interested to see “under the hood”. Thanks!!


I just posted the posted the video on marketing a stake pool and hopefully that sort of explains a little bit of a day in the life of a pool operator.


It’s pretty boring. The only exciting moment is when I have noticed that my pool got some rewards by producing blocks :slight_smile: . I have a small pool, so this rarely happens.

The only manual task I have to do is: update jormungandr when there is a new release or when my pool got stuck while bootstrapping.