Welcome Stake Pool School Students!

I just want to write a quick note to welcome everyone who is taking part in our Stake Pool School program! The first round of emails has just gone out, so anyone who has questions about the course content—or simply wishes to connect with other people who are interested in operating a stake pool—is invited to come and join us here in the forums. You’re in the right place: and please go ahead and post any questions or issues in the “Operating a Stake Pool” - section.

To the rest of our forum regulars, please welcome the new members who are coming in to take the stake pool school lessons. Keep an eye out for questions and please offer to help where you can, even if the questions become repetitive—the more people who learn the ins and outs of running a stake pool, the stronger the network.

If you’d like to enroll in Stake Pool School, no problem! Just go here to sign up and you’ll receive the whole course–five lessons/emails in five days.

Thanks for joining us, and looking forward to what the future brings! :star_struck:


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I hope that the school uses testnet to setup a stakepool, instead of using mainnet.
It would also be nice if different flavors of Linux, Windows or Unix would be used.
At the moment most of the stakepools are running on Debian or Ubuntu which could become an issue if a system update would go wrong.


Thanks for creating the tutorial!

I am very new to this but I want to learn it. I’m already stuck getting strange messages from the terminal while setting up my server with AWS (could not verify authenticity of host, broken pipe at port 22) . Honestly, I have a feeling there will be a lot of areas where I get stuck and have questions. In the interest of time, do you know anyone who could assist /tutor me through setup? I am willing to pay a reasonable amount as long as the experience is there to get me through this and trained up!

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Register stake address in the blockchain

In day three, the key deposit section says 400000. Its actually 2000000.



Stake Pool guides provide incorrect paths for some commands.

For instance:

  1. In Installing Cardano-node the final cd is to go into the cardano-node source code folder.

  2. Then in Get configuration files instructs to cd and then mkdir relay, (ie creating relay inside ~/)

  3. Then in Start your node it has you use –database-path db, without any further instructions this creates ~/db but further down in start your node it says toexport CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH=~/relay/db/node.socket which this path will not exist if following instructions, as db is inside ~/ not ~/relay/

  4. Then in Generate payment keys and addresses suggests running export CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH=~/cardano-node/relay/db/node.socket which this path will not exist either unless the user forgot to leave the cardano-node source directory after compiling; running mkdir inside cardano-node; plus being inside ~/cardano-node/relay when running the cardano-node run command with the suggested database-path or changing the –database-path to match ~/cardano-node/relay/db.

Definitely not hard to figure out for someone familiar with Linux or shell environments. However it is obviously not correct as a single guide of instructions and should be revised for consistency.



Yes, school is intended to use testnet, please… and feel fry to try everything there !!!

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Thanks for pointing out.

  1. I think this one is good: https://cardano-foundation.gitbook.io/stake-pool-course/stake-pool-guide/getting-started/install-node and links correctly with the next get config files since you end up inside cardano-node after cp both executables into .local/bin
  2. We go back to home, and create relay directory in home.
  3. States to run cardano-node run inside ~/relay so the paths look correct. But socket path was wrong… Fixed.
  4. socket path fixed to be on ~/relay/db/node-socket.

Thanks for your help. Let me know if you find other issues !!


You are correct, we have updated the guide. At the moment of writing it was 0.400000 but changed by Hardfork and did not update on time. Thanks for pointing out !!!