When is the stake pool school starting?

hey all, just was wondering when university was starting and whether there is any information currently posted?

Node Networks

which university?



We expect to be sending out the first emails very soon. Hang tight!


before start, please make sure that safety is in place with the tutorial commands. like after generating the node keys, owner keys and so, there should be a “chmod 400 xxx.skey xxx.vkey” command in the tutorial. so people are not overwriting there keys by accident. if it happens in a testnet, not much to worry. if you do this on mainnet, your pool is lost or your funds are lost. best regards, martin


Thanks for this. I feel tutorial needs to be a bit more thorough for newbies. I tried step by step 4 times matching what was on video and documents but there are inconsitencies between files I have and tutorial and now have seen a few people lose keys etc. Im too new go get through day 1 lol. I will hold off for a bit.