Trying to follow through stake pool school to prepare for participation in a project based on Cardano and I'm having some issues

I’m having some trouble following along in the stake pool school. I suppose it’s also possible that the resources (testnet wise) that are required to run all of the steps in the school walk-through have been pulled offline… so maybe I should first ask for confirmation:

is the stake pool school content still usable? Have there been changes that would explain errors I am seeing?

For starters there seem to be some differences between the config files that I downloaded and the files referenced in the youtube video:

Secondly the content of the config json that I downloaded does not include a ViewMode string parameter…

Thanks for reading

edit: I just found this post that as a different walkthrough: How to set up a POOL in a few minutes - and register using CNTOOLS

maybe i should try this one instead?

This guide is usefull indeed, you will want to setup a testnet pool or mainnet?

for STEP 2 replace 1.25.1 with 1.30.1 and DO NOT run/skip the command

git pull origin master

PS: before to start the guide reinstall the OS (needs to be fresh one, otherwise u could have issues on future)


thanks for responding! by the use of sudo and ufw I’m assuming ubuntu 20.04 will suffice?

Since I’m just learning I’d rather not use main net, though I would like to get there eventually… would love to run a cardano pool as well if I could make it work… though from what I understand that’s doubtful (given what it takes ot get the necessary delegators etc)

thanks again!

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For testnet when u will run the ./ use -n to download the file for testnet

./ -n testnet

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