I have finally setup up a testnet, using the coincashew guide, the guide is good in itself but it does not tell you what parameters to change in order for you to use the testnet, and i have finally figured it out boy what a revelation! There has been so many guides i have used to try and setup a testnet for Cardano ADA, but i failed, not until today!! no offense to people who have contributed here and i know there are some that still struggle if anyone out there needs help let me know and i will guide you through! Anyway it was pretty easy, and it would be an honor to give back to this forum to help you setup a stake pool!!

This is where i’ve struggled,
block producer
every time i would set it up it would come out as relay mainnet, instead of core testnet,
but all is well now, a couple more tests and ill move on to the mainnet!

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How about this

docker run --detach \
    --name=testrl \
    -p 3001:3001 \
    -e CARDANO_NETWORK=testnet \
    -v test-data:/opt/cardano/data \
    nessusio/cardano-node run

it would run on your Intel box and also on the RaspberryPi4

hi there, that would work if your running docker, for this install i was not using docker. i have it running on 4 core 16 gigs of ram, on ubuntu 20.04 :smiley: