Testnet stake pool

I have setup a stake pool on the testnet to experiment with scripts and check my setup before moving to mainnet.

Is there a way to see all the pools on testnet so I can see my chance of getting a block? Currently I have been using the testnet faucet so have 2000 tada, if it is anything like mainnet and I need millions of tada this is going to take ages.
Or is it possible to get a API key to bypass the rate limit?

Hi I am actually on testnet too and have found this address where you can request 100m testnet ADA for the pledge. I did it and it works well, just need to wait few days.

They are also asking to send the funds back when you don’t want to participate anymore on testnet.
Thanks for this info from TOPO Stake Pool / telegram group.

Regarding some tool to check testnet pools, i don’t know and also looking for that. Let me know if you find any tool for that. You can check your relay(s) is part of the network here:

Is the testnet specifically to demo a newly built server? I would assume any rewards given on the testnet do not actually net you any ADA rewards. Is it different blocks; in other words will I have to re-download the epochs if I switch between testnet and mainnet and vice/versa?

great that is just what I was looking for.
Will give it a go.

Hello, have you find out how to do that ? If yes, could you please share it with us ?

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