Testnet pool


I’ve setup a bp an relay nodes on tesnet following Coincashew’s guide Guide: How to build a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew

Name: ADR pool

Everything looks fine (tx processed, logs, delegating to pool from daedalus test…).
Is there a faucet where I can get millions of tADA to use as stake to see if I can be selected to produce blocks?
I’ve found Faucet but I can only get 1000 tADA.
I also found this link Testnet stake pool but doesn’t seem to be working.

Last thing is a concept misunderstanding I have:

Am I right assuming testnet (–testnet-magic 1097911063) is the test where everything is tested before going to mainnet? what was the the ITN then? is that deprecated? did it migrate to testnet?
I think I’ve seen another testnet with another magic number too?
I am a bit confused about all of that.

Thanks in advance!

that tutorial is more for mainnet. If you’re looking for a course to ‘test’ and leverage testnet prior to moving to mainnet: I recommend Stake Pool School - Stake pool course

You can get away with 4gb i believe still vs 8gb.

I thought that was deprecated?

It is outdated a bit. I just went through it at a glance but you can follow the coincashew one if you would like but you will need the testnet configs vs mainnet configs. If you have a strong background in linux admin and knowledge with cardano, then CNTool or coincashew guide will work.

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