Stake Pool Setup


I think I maybe posted this in the wrong spot originally. Sorry about that.

My name is Will. I’m new here, and i’m going through as much documentation as I can to get a stake pool up and running. I have my EC2 instance set up and working good to go. I got all the way through to build the cardano node. I’m using this course and i’ve come to this part.

It says that the course will use testnet and not mainnet. I’m not sure what to do from here. I want to create a stake pool and start promoting it asap. Can I continue through this course as it is? If not, is there some other reference I can use to create my stake pool? Any help and guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks!!!


Would it be as simple as changing these references when i wget to mainnet instead of testnet?
Is there anything else in the course that would be affected by this? I really appreciate the help. THANK YOU!

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Yes, for mainnet you will need the 3 files for mainet… just download them, restart the nodes and you are in mainnet

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Right on. I appreciate the answer. I’ll proceed with the guide, and use the mainnet files.

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If you have any issues we are here… :muscle:

Good luck and wellcome to the greatest project!

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