Setting Up Stake Pool


My name is Will. I’m new here, and i’m going through as much documentation as I can to get a stake pool up and running. I have my EC2 instance set up and working good to go. I got all the way through to build the cardano node. I’m using this course and i’ve come to this part.

It says that the course will use testnet and not mainnet. I’m not sure what to do from here. I want to create a stake pool and start promoting it asap. Can I continue through this course as it is? If not, is there some other reference I can use to create my stake pool? Any help and guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks!!!


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Hi Will, welcome to the community!

This course will get you familiarized with the network in a testnet before going to mainnet. This will help you iron out any issues you might have with setting up the pool and avoid losing blocks on mainnet when you are ready for that. Feel free to ask questions. If your not already joined to a Telegram support chat we can get you connected there. On testnet you also get 100M in test funds :slight_smile: I have plenty to share as well if you need help getting started.



Thanks a lot, Ray. That’s a huge help. So for now, I’ll get all the way through the course. After that I’ll check back in so I can go live. Cheers!


Do you happen to know if there is anyone that does paid coaching or tech service when it comes to this stuff? I’m going to finish up with the course from the cardano foundation…but after that I’m going to look to go live as soon as possible. I don’t want to end up stuck like I have with this course. I received and email back from IOHK, with the same questions…and they said to go through the docs for installing the node from source. Some of that looks to be different from the course. For now i’m going to finish the course. Would love some help to go live after that. Cheers!

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I’m happy to be that coach for you. I’ve helped a number of SPOs setup production ready pools.

Your also welcomed to join a whole community of SPOs happy to answer your questions at no cost.

Telegram: Contact @CardanoStakePoolWorkgroup check the PINNED message in that group as it may answer most of your questions off the bat.

Main thing to consider when setting up to be stake pool operator, outside of a running a high performance and secure pool, is where the stake is coming from. If your not coming in with a very large pledge, your going to need to market your pool and that takes a lot more energy and time than the technical details of running a pool.


Very cool. I really appreciate the help! I’m joining Telegram now. I’m really looking forward to launching this thing. To get started, I don’t have too much to stake, though I will throughout the next few months. I have a few things going for me…I will have more money to put in…I’m a full stack software engineer…Though the teams I lead are React/JavaScript…and I’ve been marketing/branding for 20 years. I’m on twitter, @sokos6 if you want to connect there. My daughter is starting a company…to teach folks how to code. Specifically underrepresented groups in tech. She’s 13. :slight_smile:
This first stake pool is going to be branded for that project, with a website and social media campaign to raise awareness.
After I get one pool set up, I’ll likely continue to set up new ones as we raise money. Either way, I want to promote Cardano, and I’ll for sure be a big voice on social promoting the project and community.

So the time and energy for promoting and marketing…I’m all in. What I need help with is the running a high performance and secure pool part. I’ll check out telegram now. Is there a way to message you there or should I DM you here?

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Very cool! Love hearing these stories, community will welcome your software engineering skills with open arms. And your daughter’s connection, sounds like a fantastic team! The Devnets for building DApps are open too, and Javascript friendly :slight_smile:

When you get to the Telegram, you can look me up @kukunaokala


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Good to see good healthy help in our community. Thanks.
Question: Do you (or do you know of someone) offer a stake pool creation and maintenance service?
I do several things in crypto so it’s more time efficient to hire than to build.
Lil help? A scope of work; costs & time frame would be nice.
Annnnd, has anyone looked at using ANKR?

Thanks again

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ANKR is free


Now, you want to pay someone to manage your pool?
I can help u to setup ur pool if u wish
Will u not prefer to delegate to a small pool instead?

If you wish more details u can DM me


We got him up and running, your next if you still want to go this route and haven’t found help elsewhere!

People have been advising me to partner with an existing pool. Makes sense, but in looking at the bigger picture.

I believe the traffic/transaction volume will explode this year, making nodes much more competitive. So getting in now and while the price is where it is, could turn out to be a big advantage. I have a site & budget for marketing a pool.

Your thoughts? And would you kindly let me know a build cost & monthly maintenance fee?


Tell me what do you want to know?
How much ADA do u own to pledge to your pool if u want to build one?

The build cost could start from 50$ to thousands $ depending on what and how you want to build your pool (vps, dedicated servers, etc)

Sometimes could be better to delegate to a small pool (you will take almost all the profit).


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Dear Mayesto,

I started my pool configuration with Guide: How to build a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew

This guide is up to date and I can say it worked out for me. But you will learn much more on the way there. Just respect the cold wallet advice!

As Alexd1985 mentioned the costs may very. If you make it home brewed it will cost you less than 500 Dollar. You might be interested in raspberry pi. I am using an intel NUC which has much more cpu power and is still cheap on the electricity bill.



Thanks, but as I mentioned initially, I don’t have the time.
That’s specifically why I reached out to hire someone build and maintenance one for me.

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I told u I can do it for u!


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