Help with setting up testnet stakepool

Hi, I’m trying to dip my toes into running a stake pool so I’m starting off by setting up a testnet pool(s). I’m currently using the coincashew guide but I’m running into issues around step 3 when configuring the nodes. I was wondering if anyone knows how to modify the steps to set up it up for a testnet instead of mainnet?

Thanks in advance!


The only difference is that you need configs for testnet instead of mainnet

If I use the testnet json files as above the very next step in the guide:

sed -i ${NODE_CONFIG}-config.json
-e “s/TraceBlockFetchDecisions”: false/TraceBlockFetchDecisions": true/g"

gives me an error:
sed: can’t read mainnet-config.json: No such file or directory

assuming it has something to do with the way the scripts are setup. Any idea how to fix it?

yes, since the name of the files probably testnet-config.json
NODE_CONFIG environment variable should not contain mainnet

Thanks! Figured it out as I read your reply.

Is there anywhere you can download the testnet db? Currently syncing but its going to take about 2days? Thanks

good recommendation but unfortunately not - so keep syncing

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