Most up to date resource for getting started?

I’m wondering what the most current up to date resource is for a beginner? Will following the stake pool school course teach me everything I need to get started with a public stakepool? For example, does anyone know if it covers relay nodes? I didn’t see them lsited in the curriculum.

From the small amount of reading I’ve done so far my loose plan is to go for a 4 droplet setup on digital ocean. 2 relays and 2 BP nodes (one of which will be reserved switched to when the other is undergoing updates).

Also, is there an official telegram group for stake pool operators? If so could someone point me in the right direction.

I’m suepr excited to get started with this project and to contribute in some small way to the network. Apologies in advance for the many dumb questions you’ll likely be seeing from me in the near future :wink:

Sorry! I’ve just noticed the relay node section in pool school… I don’t know how I missed that :man_facepalming:

I think my question still stands though, is pool school currently the best way to get started?

There are a few guides out there and they are all good… That said, I am particular to this one and have used it. there is also a very active telegram group associated with it… Everyone is very helpful. check it out:


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This looks great, thanks so much! I’ll probably go through this and pool school for a test run and make sure I’ve got my bases coverered!

In the official cardano docs they mention using Nix as the reccomended installation method. But all of the guides I’ve seen including pool school and the one you’ve linked seem to be building from source. Is building from source the best way to go? What are the pro’s / cons of each approach?

I am the wrong person to ask, I just used coincashew approach but here are some telegraph channels where you can get a better answer:

official dev channel:

coincashew channel:

ADAPools stakepool channel:

Cardano stakepool best practices:

Hope that helps!