What's the best way to run a node continuously, while PC and VPS are shut off?

Hello, Ive followed your video instructions which were very great. My node is up and running and currently syncing. Whats the best way to have the node continuously running, while i shutdown my computer, and VPS.

Using the command below, like instructed in the video to get the node start… what would I put in-front of it or however to indicate to my server or OS that I want to keep this running non stop?

cardano-node run
–topology mainnet-topology.json
–database-path db
–socket-path db/node.socket
–host-addr 1xx.xx8.x6.xx1
–port 0000
–config mainnet-config.json

Look into either Tmux (sudo apt install tmux)
Some guide i found: which is not mine
There you can “detach”, and all your terminals will keep running in the background until you login again

Systemd unit files (more advanced)
Arch - Systemd wiki
See example here.

Quick and dirty method:
Nohup, easy to use, hard to get back / stop / do anything once “let go”…


Hi Andy,

Warning: I am a complete novice and went through the guide to start a node and ran into an issue here I believe. Can you explain more?

Thank you in advance.

thanks, that was a helpful guide.

i had to change shelley to mainnet, also on the command to start it as well.

No, please use the configuration files for testnet. https://cardano-foundation.gitbook.io/stake-pool-course/stake-pool-guide/getting-started/getconfigfiles_and_connect

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OK will do.

Yeah, I found out. Thank you, sir. It is the one I am looking for. slight_smile: