As I am new to run a stake pool , I have a small query, please answer

if i run the node on AWS and then cofigure and run the pool from my MacBook , then my question is that how am I going to monitor it all the time , if I shutdown my computer will the relay node and the block producing node still be working on AWS or are they going to stop ?is it that I have to keep my system always on, please answer?

I depends how you run your node on the server. One way would be running it using tmux (which a lot of poeple do), from whose sessions you can “detach” and “re-attach” without cardano-node realizing that. This is quite simple but on the other hand crashed instances will not be restarted automatically, systemd may kill your node after logging out (if started as normal user) etc.

Maybe you want to have a look at the “operating a stake pool” category?

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it depends how you start your node, there are 2 solutions.

1. You are running within tmux session- which allows you to detach from session and later reattach (while you detach, it’ s still running in background)
see info on tmux:

2. Preferred method - You are starting cardano-node as a service (using systemd), then this automatically runs in background and you don’ t have to worry about it (you can set that it automatically starts when server reboots, as well if the process unexpectedly quits, systemd will restart it automatically)
see: Systemd service file for cardano-node

If you directly run cardano-node run… command in your terminal, then it will terminate as soon you disconnect from server. Therefore there are many guides with ready made startup scripts which will help you to avoid this issue.

hope this helps.

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