Will my node crash in this situation

if i run the node on AWS and then cofigure and run the pool from my MacBook , then my question is that how am I going to monitor it all the time , if I shutdown my computer will the relay node and the block producing node still be working on AWS or are they going to stop ?is it that I have to keep my system always on, please answer?

Hi Sumit,

If you setup your pools correctly on cloud vps they will continue to run if you shut down you personal computer - assuming you are only using your Mac to access the node remotely. Monitoring may be affected if you are networking monitoring to your personal computer though.

To monitor, you can shell in at any time from your computer, setup more sophisticated remote monitoring tools, and/or create advanced health monitoring scripts.

I suggest running through the tutorials and taking the some time to learn linux, sysops and system security best practices - these will help you along on your journey

Your friend, FROG

I rediscovered this guide a few days ago because a lot of the stake pool and cardano-cli instructions assume a user’s familiarity with the command line. I’ve been working with the UNIX command line since the '80’s and every time I look here I see helpful suggestions I never knew about:

There is a note about running detached shells on server and reconnecting to them later, which applies directly to your situation. In the olden days this would be a common way for hackers to get root shells on servers, so I would feel uncomfortable doing it, though lots of things changed with the advent of ssh. In any case SSH is the best friend you have here so I would start with this:

hi, these prometheus and Grafana are they going to allow me to remotely monitor nodes in case I restart my Macbook and watch my nodes running when ever I want to . and what is normal practice that all the stake pool owner under take to run a stake pool ?